The Scurlock Foundation was chartered in April, 1954, by Eddy Clark Scurlock and his wife, Elizabeth Belchner
Scurlock and Laura Lee Scurlock Blanton and her husband, Jack S. Blanton. All were heavily involved in the areas
which are supported and their principles are carried on today.
Recognizing that founder Eddy Clark Scurlock valued a strong sense of community and being a part of a team, the
Scurlock Foundation seeks opportunities to partner with others to enrich the life of a community and its people.
Our founder, Eddy C. Scurlock, and other founding Directors: Laura Lee Scurlock Blanton and Jack S. Blanton,
maintained the highest standards of character and faith-standards that we aspire to achieve both in our lives and
in the decisions of the Foundation.
We recognize the primary importance that our founder placed on volunteerism, community involvement and
philanthropy. He believed in giving everyone an opportunity to succeed in his or her community, and therefore valued
efforts that gave access to those in less fortunate circumstances. We also continue his tradition of giving to initiatives
that benefit youth, particularly those that promote education, leadership and mentorship.
To honor our founder’s values, The Scurlock Foundation continues his legacy of giving in the arenas of health,
education and compassion ministries. We also recognize his profound and abiding faith in God and his Church; thus,
prioritizing faith-based efforts and institutions is a core value of the Foundation. Other key values of the Foundation
include a strong sense of family; flexibility and openness, recognizing the evolving issues facing our community; and a
geographical focus on Texas institutions and people.