The Scurlock Foundation is a private foundation and does not accept unsolicited grant requests.
Quarterly meetings are held in March, May, September and December with grant submissions due
on the first day of the month and one month prior to each quarterly meeting to be considered for
funding.  Pre-selected non-profits should make requests by letter, along with pertinent information
regarding the organization. If applicable, information regarding support from other sources is helpful.
Only 501(c)(3) organizations may submit. The By-Laws prohibit contributions to individuals. Any
questions as to qualifications or any other issues should be emailed to Mrs. Kathy Munger,
A one page cover letter should be e-mailed as a word document or excel document for financial information,
as well as all supporting documents (see below for a list) Greater detailed descriptions of both your organization
and any programs/projects for which you may be requesting funds may be also emailed in the acceptable
formats in length of one to four (1-4) page letter with your supporting documents. Organization and any
programs/projects for which you may be requesting funds may be sent in the suggested form of a one to four
(1-4) page letter with your supporting documents. The following documents are required for submission
in an email; the organization’s Letter of Determination from the Internal Revenue Service (the entire
document)—this document is a letter from the IRS in which your 501(c)(3) status is granted (if you are a
religious organization under an umbrella Determination we ask for a copy of the page in the Official
Directory of your “Church” listing your organization as an affiliate).  We must have proof and
documentation from you that your organization is not only exempt under IRS 501 (c)(3) and is still
classified as a publicly supported organization pursuant to IRS 509 (a) (1), (2), or (3), and the
of Form 990; if your organization has undergone a name change since your formation, we also ask
for a copy of the document from the IRS acknowledging said name change (if your organization has
undergone multiple name changes we do need documents acknowledging all name changes). Also, a list
of your current Board of Directors; a current/proposed operating budget for the organization (if a
national organization, we ask for the budget of the local office only) and, lastly, if requesting funding for a
specific project or program we also ask for the current/proposed project/program budget. Current
policy is to make decisions on the basis of the written proposal rather than by appointments for
discussion as all Directors have long standing interests and involvement in philanthropic issues in the
Houston area.
The applicant should request proposal receipt.
Mrs. Kathy Munger
Scurlock Foundation
2229 San Felipe, Ste. 1400
Houston, TX 77019
Ph.   713 236 0550
Fax  713 222 2419